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Already 100 communities and administrative districts trust in us
Based on vialytics' up to date data, we have developed the maintenance program for 2020. Other departments in the district administration also benefit from the images. For example, we have already been able to identify incorrect signs.
Matthias Fritz
Head of Road construction office, Landkreis Freudenstadt
Due to the regular condition assessment we have an objective and always up-to-date basis for decision-making.
Christian Stepan
Treasurer, Municipality Mötzingen
In the next 2 years there are power lines built here. Therefore, we will now asses additional field paths in order to document the wear and tear caused by construction site vehicles.
Stefan Halbritter
Head of building yard, Municipality Eichstetten
The vialytics system is the basis for my renovation plan for the coming years.
Werner Braun
Head of Road construction office, City of Haiterbach
By pressing the record button I can decide by myself when a inspection starts and ends.
Simon Widemann
Head of building yard, Municipality Mötzingen
For our 3-year contract with vialytics including 6 inspections we pay 10.000 Euro, which for us is many times cheaper than an aerial inspection or laser scanning. The vialytics system is exactly what we need!
Christian von Dobschütz
Mayor, City of Diespeck
Why vialytics?
Cost-saving maintenance
Finding the right moment: with the vialytics system, data on road conditions is always up to date. This enables you to initiate efficient maintenance measures leading to an extension of the and extend the lifetime of the road.
Attractive pricing
Up to date
We do the work.
It works simple as that:
1. Attach smartphone
You receive our modified smartphone and attach it to the inside of the windshield of your vehicle. With a view of the road, the smartphone takes a picture every 4 meters.
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With the included suction cup the Smartphone can be attached to the windshield similar to a navigation device. The vialytics-Phone can easily be mounted in municipal vehicles , such as vans or sweepers.
2. Carrying out the inspection
By opening the vialytics app you decide when the image acquisition starts and ends. You can either capture your street network in a targeted way or you leave the app open and collect the data parallel to your operative daily work.
If roads are recorded more than once, the system automatically sorts out the duplicates. After the inspection the vialytics phone just needs to be connected to the wifi and all data is automatically uploaded into the vialytics system.

To analyse the road surface, we rely on highest photo quality, a sensitive motion sensor, precise geolocation and concentrated computing power. For this we use the iPhone from Apple - we modify the iPhone to get the best out of it.
3. Automatic Evaluation
The image data ends up in our system, in which our algorithms analyze image by image for damage to the road surface. Detected damages are georeferenced and transferred to the vialytics Web-GIS.
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Through regular data collection and automatic evaluation, the road condition can be updated twice a year and changes in road condition can be tracked for the first time.

Our vialytics system meets the highest safety standards and is operated in Germany. Personal data is made unrecognizable to meet all legal requirements and be GDPR compliant any time.
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Identify roads and sections that should be rehabilitated with priority. Filter for the poorest sections or sections with potential for improvement.
High resolution photo view
Up-to-date image data of your roads reduce on-site appointments and save time and money.
Your benefits
Civil Engineering Department
  • Recognition of changes
  • Documentation of the effects
  • Overlay with drain register
Finance department
  • Basis for the yearly budget
  • Dynamic depreciation
Building yard
  • Road safety obligation
  • High resolution photo view
  • Early detection of damages
Municipal Council
  • Objective basis for discussion
  • Maintenance Management
Artificial Intelligence
100 € / km*
  • Evaluation and access to the Web-GIS
  • incl. 2 data updates p.a.
  • Including training and software updates
  • Documentation Road Safety
* Standard value with a multi-year contract
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